About us

Tangente Technology is a market-leading B2B company that develops technology solutions for the iGaming industry. Our areas of expertise are:

  1. Multi-Channel Gaming Platform
  2. Game Development Studio
  3. Games
  4. Marketing Engine Platform
  5. Services and Consultancy

Multi-channel Gaming Platform

Our multi-channel gaming platform provides a market reach to dozens of partners throughout the world, in all currencies.

Cross platform

Games can be played on any device or operating system.

Probably Fair

We provide all hash information so game result can be verified by players and operators.

Content Delivery Network

Game clients will be delivered from the closest Point of Presence around the world.

Marketing Engine Platform

The TANGENTE Marketing Engine is a versatile and powerful marketing tool to create customized promotional content.

Campaigns created with the Marketing Engine are displayed within the games without the need for any additional intervention on the operator's website.