Marketing Engine Platform

The Tangente Marketing Engine allows online casino operators to configure hourly / daily / weekly promotions in just a few clicks. Promotions can be customized with an almost infinite set of parameters for acquisition, retention or player base animation. The Operator can monitor the promotional campaigns in real time, target specific group of players (whitelists), improve the campaign metrics and global efficiency…

Various types of campaigns available:

  • FREE HANDS Campaigns
  • LEADERBOARD Campaigns
  • JACKPOT Campaigns
  • BETTERMENT Campaigns
  • FREE ON EVENT Campaigns
  • LAST FREE HANDS Campaigns
  • QUEST Campaigns


Each campaign is entirely CONFIGURABLE. The Operator can easily set:

  • If the campaign applies to all users, or on a whitelist of users
  • The list of game(s) the Campaign should apply
  • The start/end dates/hour of the Campaign
  • The value/amount of what is offered to players
  • If there is a maximum to what can be won by each player
  • Amount of bet required to release the bonus
  • … and many other settings